Continuous and relentless pursuit of the highest quality outcome in all our endeavors.
The Silverman Group considers its endeavors to be long term. This means that our investment and commitment to a project or facility is never-ending. While maintaining the highest level of professional staff, our goal is to have the best people on our team and empower them to make the best decisions. Our commitment is to ensure that our properties are the best of class.

We constantly enhance and service all of our properties to ensure that they are of the highest quality. We also evaluate all aspects of a project to ensure that it is a success for everyone involved, including the end user, the community and our organization. Our relationships with our partners, investors, brokers, vendors, tenants and customers are of critical importance. We strive to develop and maintain these relationships to add value, lower costs and ensure the highest quality of service.

We understand that all business is cyclical. Our long term strategy takes that into account. We adjust our investment decisions based upon the current market conditions, making sure that capital is available at all points to take advantage of those opportunities.