Our mission? Continuous and relentless pursuit of the highest quality outcome in all our endeavors.
The Silverman Group is a family owned and operated private equity and real estate development organization. Based in Short Hills, New Jersey, we look for new and exciting opportunities in both the commercial real estate and industrial sectors.

Our real estate group consists of dedicated professionals with the expertise and commitment to excel in the areas of acquisition, development, management, and construction. Our goal is to insure that all parties have the facilities and services to achieve the highest level of success.

We are constantly evaluating commercial real estate acquisitions of all types in all areas of the country. Our objective is to purchase high quality properties and by enhancing the facilities and remarketing the tenant spaces enhance the value of these investments.

Our private equity group is looking for investment areas and partnerships where our ownership and management team can add value to the investment. We have outstanding history of success in many business areas and are actively looking for investments that will enable us to leverage that ability.